5 Signs that your CRM Software is Failing You

Using a CRM software to help manage your real estate business has proven itself to be an integral part of being successful. If you were to reach out to other agents and brokers in your area, you are likely to find that most of them are using some kind of CRM software. If they are on top of their game, they probably use a CRM system designed with the real estate agent or broker in mind.

The CRM software of today is very different from the one that was introduced back in the 1980’s. Since its debut, CRM has made many upgrades. As technology advances in leaps and strides, so does the CRM platform. If you are using a system more than 3 or 5 years old, it might be obsolete, and could actually keep business from being as successful as it could be.

Below is a list of 5 things to look out for if you are wondering if upgrading your CRM is right for you.

 1 - Is Your CRM Desktop Based?

If the answer to this question is yes, you may not need to read the rest of this list, but you definitely should. You may not realize it but, desktop CRMs can actually limit the amount of information you have access to, and they aren’t very easy to update. Upgrading to a web-based CRM would allow you and your team to have a system that automatically updates its software. This is actually an important thing to keep in mind because updates and changes to technology and software happen all the time, and regular updates helps the system to provide optimal performance to all of its users.

 2 - Collaboration Never Goes Out of Style

 Another big difference between desktop and web based CRM platforms is that by using a CRM that is housed online you are able to collaborate more effectively with your clients and your team. If you use the desktop version, you most likely could only share information with others via a reporting system that was very customizable. With online software, you are able to provide client access to their deals, and also share this information with anyone else that needs to be involved. You also have the ability to allow others to add important updates, upload documents, or track activities. Having this kind of transparency with your clients can really boost their confidence in you.

 3 - Get Those Emails Connected

These days, most of your communication internally and externally is done through email. Wouldn’t it be great if your CRM software could help you manage your emails? Even track your emails or allow you to send emails directly in the platform? Yes, not only would that be a very great tool to have, it is a very ordinary feature in upgraded CRM systems. Improving the way you handle your incoming and outgoing emails can be very vital. For instance, if you need to find an email from a client you had last year, you would be able to pull up that account and review all of the email correspondence that you had with that client.

 4 - Oh No, Do You Have a Silo?

Having information silos tends to happen when you store information and data that no one else has access to. When you need help on a project, or need the involvement of clients or associates to further advance your deal, you might get stuck if you are using an outdated CRM system. Also, if you have information in silos, it is hard to track errors and mistakes when they arise, since they can come up at any point of your project. Upgrading your CRM would allow you to be able to spread out your work, or even add other online services to boost your efficiency.

5 - Non-Existent Support

If you are using an older CRM, you might not be getting the type of technical support your business needs, and deserves. In a perfect world, everything goes right, and when it goes wrong the answer is easy to find. We all know we don’t live in a perfect world, and things sometimes have a way of going awry. Having proper support and knowing that you are in good hands should a bad situation provides a lot of peace of mind. New CRMs provide their customers with excellent service. Whether you need to talk to someone on the phone, or if you prefer to look for the answer yourself on a well maintained FAQ page, support is there to help you.

As you can see, CRM can help you take your real estate business to the next level. Contact us today to find out more about what IMAX can do for you, or if you are ready, create an account to sign up today!



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