Building Your Customer Database Rapidly! – How to Increase Your Contact List

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Building Your Contact List Made Easy

Even if you have been using a CRM database for a while to manage your customer contact list, you may not be aware that there are probably a few dozen contacts that you can access. These contacts can be hidden in the catacombs of your trusty smartphone, or even buried from the memory of which ever email provider that you use. Regardless of what type of contact information elsewhere, a great CRM service can help pull these resources by importing your contacts directly into the database. No more missing numbers and emails, or hearing that excuse from members of your team. Moving forward, you will be able to access all of the contact information that you need. CRM systems make sure nothing goes missing in the future by synchronizing your smart phones and email providers to the system.

It’s like Picking Flower from the Garden

Aside from having multiple email accounts and a smart phone that you can source for contact information, did you know that you can pull contacts from your social media accounts? Not only are you able to, but it is an incredibly easy task. LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the biggest social media networks. Because of this, they have enabled users to download the contents of their contact lists so that it can be exported to be used in other systems. This is where your trusty CRM sidekick comes in! You can export these contacts directly into your CRM, creating an incredibly useful tool that can enable you to quickly build your customer database. Doing so saves time, money, and provides ample opportunity that you may not have fully looked into yet.

Sometimes, You Have to Leave the Office

In order to build your customer database so that it offers a big well of resources to pull from, sometimes you have to remove yourself from your comfort zone and get out into the field. It might seem like good old-fashioned door knocking is a bit outdated, and many people agree. However, going out into the neighborhood that have new listings, or have a couple open houses can be a fun and enlightening experience. If homeowners have been noticing that homes around them are selling, they would have an impression that NOW is a good time to sell. They might be thinking of looking into it, something that would interest them and then you show up with a knock and a smile. Before you even know it, you have their contact info and might have set up an appointment in the upcoming future.

 Be a Smart Host

If knocking on doors isn’t for you, there are other ways to be out in the field and collect some new contacts. Another tried and tested method is by hosting an open house. If you have some available listings, try setting up an open house. Throw in some old tricks, like baking cookies so that the house smells inviting, or maybe burn a couple of candles that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. As people come in, have them add their names and contact info to a sign up sheet. If you have the resources, you can even do this by using an app on a tablet. This way you can export the info right into your CRM with minimal effort.

 Incubate Your Eggs so the Chicks Hatch

In other words, keep your freshly built database of client contacts warm. To do so, reach out consistently and engage your prospects. You may choose to do this by sending out monthly email newsletters to inform people about upcoming open houses, seasonal maintenance ideas, or even information about exciting local events. Another tactic that you can try is picking a few random contacts from your robust CRM database and send some emails or place a couple calls to see if you can schedule an appointment. Offer free online home estimates to see if you can gather some feedback. All of this can be executed by using your CRM, and remember, the better you are at updating your contacts and leaving regular notes, the more efficient you will be.

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