Capitalize on Summer Home Shopping

In the real estate world, the summer season presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. Kids are out of school, vacations are planned, and the weather is  warm.  This  could  lead to more people getting out and about to do things, but it could also mean that there are fewer people who are out on the market. Below are some ideas about how the market changes  in the  summer, and how to capitalize on business advantages during this busy season.

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 Sellers are Anxious

Most real estate properties, whether it is residential or commercial, are bought or sold in the spring or fall seasons. Buyers and  sellers are  motivated to take action in spring  to get ready   for  the  summer.  During fall season, they want to avoid taking time away from the winter holidays.  Because of this,  those that  find themselves  needing to sell their property in the summer are pretty  anxious,  and  are looking to make  a solid  deal rather  quickly. Sellers and buyers during this season may need more assistance than those trying to make a deal during the peak seasons. Using a CRM system that helps you provide your client with quick answers, and fast responses could mean the difference between closing a deal, or losing a client.

 Motivated Buyers = Needy Clients

Let’s face it, the more motivated a buyer is to  make a sale  the needier   they are   going   to  be. This  isn’t  a bad   thing at  all,  actually it’s quite the  opposite.  A needy  client   provides  the  opportunity  for  an  agent  to really  earn  their  business.   It  almost  goes without  saying  that  agents who  can  keep their  promises, provide timely updates, and anticipates their client’s needs will be in a prime position to crush their sales goals.The best way to   keep track of goals, properties, and client information is by using a CRM software system that encompasses all      of these necessities and then some. By trusting your business needs to an all-in-one software solution you will      be able to manage your day, and even forecast your month, easier than ever before.

 Don’t Underestimate Your Business Needs

The business of selling real estate can sometimes be a bit  unpredictable,  and while some seasons can be busier than others,being organized will always have its advantages.A CRM software solution that is geared to meet the needs of sales agents who deal with real estate can be one of the most useful weapons in your arsenal. With our all-in-one solution you will be able store all of  the pertinent contact information for your client, update it easily when necessary, and even manage the marketing emails that you send  them from just one database.  On top of that, you will also be able to track and view current market listings, which you will use to  help match your clients to available properties.  The days  of  needing to  log in to multiple  systems to  be as  productive  as possible  can  really  be a thing of the past.

 The Rise of Automation

The sales world of today is full of problems, and one way to easily solve issues that arise is to be better at managing all components  of a deal. Doing  so helps  to ensure that a deal goes from  the  beginnings of  a sale, to being closed successfully  without too  many speed-bumps in the road. Regardless of the magnitude of the sale,  a well  designed  CRM  system cane   instrumental   in  helping   you,   or  your  team,  realize   sales  goals  or  really   nail  their  quota.  Implementing  a  system  that  helps  to automate   your  day  will  work to keep  agents  alert, and  on  task.  Not  to mention, communicating with clients directly from the system is a huge time saver, and as anyone  in sales  knows, the easier it is to contact a client, the more responsive an agent will be.

 Dreams Can Come True

A CRM solution  of  this  magnitude  may  sound  a bit  like a  dream  come true,  and it  kind of  is. More  accurately though,  it is  the  answer  that  is given  to  sales  agents   that are  looking  to  simplify  their  day,  and  work  more  efficiently.  Even the  best,  most responsive sales  agent  has  lost clients  due to  a delay in response times, or not being on top of the needs of the clients. A CRM that is user-friendly, easy to update, and makes creating reports a breeze is truly a dream come true for many sales agents. In today’s fast paced market, it is important to have a leg  up on the  competition. The best way to do that is to collect, store, and organize important information related to your deals in one place so that it is easy to view, manage and update which will help make each day productive and efficient.

Here at IMAX, we offer a CRM solution that is designed to help your business boom, regardless what time of year it is. Contact us today to discover all the possibility .


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