Five Common Challenges in Email Marketing : How to Overcome

AdobeStock_84767889_WMEven the most successful email marketing campaigns can run into some problems.From the perspective of any successful real estate agents and brokers, email campaigns are still one of the best ways to reach your customers. Because of this, it is important to know how to overcome some common obstacles, and come out feeling victorious while still   building your client database. Imax CRM has tools to help you overcome these challenges .Let’s take a closer look at common problems and how they can be solved.

1.Those Pesky  Spam Filters

Whether you are sending out regular email blasts or using a template email to keep your leads warm, its possible that some of those messages are ending up in a spam or junk folder. Some common words that flag emails as spam are as follows:

  • Buy
  • Cheap
  • Sale
  • Save $
  • Subscribe
  • Unlimited

Aside from spam buzz words, the way a subject line is worded and formatted can also be problematic. Some basic issues are:

  • Using colored font, especially red.
  • Forgetting to include a subject line.
  • Words that are in all-caps.
  • Using symbols.
  • Misspelled words.

CRM software can help you to eliminate spam by having the ability to set up email templates, and track if your emails are being opened by their intended recipient.

2.Better Results with More Subscribers

 Sometimes, this sounds like one of those tasks that are easier said than done. However, building a subscriber list to send your monthly newsletters and even weekly email blasts can be pretty simple. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way to making your email campaign a more successful:

  • Offer your contacts something for free. A good example is offering a free online home estimate in exchange for subscribing.
  • Subscription pop-up boxes on your website, prompting visitors to log in and receive emails.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, try raffling off a fun prize quarterly. This will encourage new subscribers to sign up, and keep your current subscribers engaged.

Combining some of these tactics with the template and tracking features of a CRM system will really enhance the success of your email marketing.

3.Keep Your Email List Current

From time to time, it may be necessary to evaluate your email lists and make sure that the contact information that you have is current and up to date. The CRM database is very helpful here, as you can track if your emails are being opened, or if they are just being ignored. One way to make sure your contacts are still interested is to send a re-engagement email about every other year. By asking if your customers are still interested you will be able to remove contacts that don’t want to hear from you so that you can focus your efforts on people who still want to hear from you.

4.Make Sure Your Emails are Mobile-User Friendly

It is probably not surprising to find out that research shows that around 65% of all emails are accessed on some kind of mobile device. If your email contains large graphics that take a long time to load, or has font that is too small to read the person trying to read that email may quickly lose interest that send that email to the trash right away. To prevent this from happening, try to keep your messages short and sweet. Using a template on your CRM database can help you create a successful email format that can be used time and time again. Make sure to include a link to your website in the email so that the reader can find out more information directly from your site, since many people may not take the time to read your email on their cell phone.

5.Be Engaging and Fun

 Sometimes, you might have a hard time choosing contact to include in your emails. If you don’t have current news to share, consider sending out helpful tips. Short lists that include handy tips tend to be read. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Spring cleaning tips.
  • Summer vacation safety tips.
  • Landscaping ideas.
  • Holiday entertaining trends.

Lists that are short and direct to the point are very engaging. Include a link to a corresponding blog on your website and you will definitely accrue some loyal readers.


Let Imax CRM software help you create and build a successful email campaign! Equipped with the  RIGHT system, your marketing campaigns can be unstoppable. Contact us or log in today to see what options are best for you and your team.





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