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Get organized This Summer with iMaxCRM

Organization is one of the easiest things anyone  can do to  be more  efficient  in life. Efficiency can be measured   by many things.  Less  stress  and anxiety, more  free  time, peace of  mind,  and   even  more money. For those   in  the real  estate  business  all  of  these  things  each  of  us  would  love to  have  more  of.  So why not make this a  reality with the iMaxCRM program? This software can organize even the most cluttered real estate agent, making scattered piles of information a cohesive understandable unit of information.

Amazing Features iMaxCRM offers

The application takes a multitude of extremely useful tools and bundles them into  one ultimate  package deal. It manages your leads, listings and showings, while offering an easy to use email and text service to ensure you can contact new leads quickly and efficiently. The  program  makes it easier  than ever  to connect  with clients and is compatible with google services.

Lead Capture

Optimize your business with a program that can really do it all. Leads from all different platforms and  media  are  received at the touch of a button. The application allows you to store and organize lead  information  simply and efficiently. Pull information and manage leads from sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and  much  more with the help of this cutting edge software.

Auto Text and Email responder

Customize your own signature message that you send to prospects for  information. This allows you to personalize  a  text and   make it your  own when  connecting  to  potential prospects  when  prospect  detail  is  added  into  the software. This program revolutionizes and  simplifies  responding to  incoming leads  with a  customized  automatic response.

Manage Leads

Manage leads and referrals more efficiently by utilizing the platform on our home page. It allows you to view all of your information in one place, and keeps all of your business needs organized and in check. Instantly receive alerts to new leads, organize tasks  and   to  do lists,  view and  edit  your calendar,  and  schedule  showings  all  from  one location.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is essentially sending little personalized  reminders  and  greetings  to prospects, in  the  hopes that  they will become clients. A  custom message  is sent  to prospects  to let them know that you are there to help them when they need your services. Adding your  personal  flare to  an email  will help  you stand  out to  a  prospect  and they will think of you when they require assistance.


Manage Listing and Closings

After closing with a client it is always nice to follow up with them to maintain a thriving client relationship. With this program you can see the status of a listing, and organize them

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