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The Data You Need at Your Finger Tips

As anyone working in the sales field  knows, staying on top of your client  needs and predicting what they will  want is just one of the ways to maintain a healthy rapport with your clients. Reliable CRM  software can make accessing your client contact information a breeze,  which will greatly  increase your   daily   productivity. When using  IMAX CRM  as your one-stop CRM  software,  you will be  able to store all of your client and company information  in one place. In addition to that you will   also be able to track activities, keep up to date on   crucial sales notes , and keep a close eye on the properties that you are working on. Managing your clients,  company and    properties has never been easier! No more logging into multiple websites  to get the information you are looking for.

Your Most Valuable Side-Kick

Chances are, you have most likely worked with a CRM system before. However, most of the CRMs on the  market today are  designed to  simply help you handle sales, and  cannot successfully   accommodate  the  needs  of agents  who deal with Commercial Real Estate. This means that up until now, you have  missed out on a truly effective way of handling your book of business. With all of your CRM needs being met  on  one   user-friendly platform,  you will be adding time to the end of your day that you could be using to do things like reaching out to  clients,  or planning out your to-do lists for the following week. Managing your clients, company and properties has never  been easier!  Having a great CRM system acting as your personal  sidekick will  help you to effectively manage and track all aspects of your sales and prevent client churn.

Keeping You Connected When it Matters Most

Here at IMAX CRM, we know that you need to be able to receive and relay information in a timely fashion. Being able to quickly respond to a client with the most accurate and up-to-date information is crucial in keeping a client happy, and willing to work with you.     We take this as seriously as you do which is why the platform is designed to be an all-in-one service that allows you to provide necessary  information to your  protective,  and current  clients. Being able to provide clients with the answers they are looking for is a surefire way to earn their  trust, and  essentially, their business. Having an online CRM solution can be the key ingredient successful sales and goal realization.

Communication is Key

Regardless of  what your relationship is with a  person, the  way you  communicate  with them is everything .  If  you don’t have  current  contact  information, or don’t know  what their  preferred  method  of   contacting  them  is, you could easily lose their interest. When it comes to taking care of a client, it is important to note  if they prefer emails over phone calls, or if they want you to call their cell phone instead of their office number. These details sometimes sound small, but they can have big consequences if not properly taken into consideration. Being able to track client notes, and easily update their contact information can mean the difference between a closed deal, and a lost one. Making sure that you experience client success is just one of our many goals as your CRM partner.

Data Needs to be Kept Together

Data gets lonely sometimes too, right? Ok, not really. But keeping data  isolated in too many sites or  systems can create several issues. For example, when a project has many useful pieces of information and data kept in “silos”  it is sometimes difficult to quickly identify upcoming problems, or to come up with an efficient project management strategy. Having an all-in-one online  solution can help you  become more  knowledgeable  about your project   because you will be able to see all the integral parts at once. This makes it easier than ever to track your timeline and provide important updates to your client, and be able to spot situations that need to be addressed quickly. Being able to provide a CRM software that really works to serve you is what IMAX CRM is all about.

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