We think real estate first, technology second. The solutions on the market would only solve one or two of business problems and failed to cover all our needs. That’s when began on the path to build iMaxCRM - a comprehensive solution that covers a real estate professionals needs under one roof.

CRM Features designed specifically for real estate

Automated Lead Capture

Do you have leads coming in from multiple websites that you manage in multiple systems? iMaxCRM pulls leads from 100’s of lead generation websites like Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com and many more.

Lead followup

iMaxCRM enables real estate agent to manage from Lead to Closing by automated text message to Drip Campaign.It synchronize all the events with Google Calendar.

Available on multiple devices

iMaxCRM is a real estate customer relationship management software which has responsive design for any smartphone, tablet, monitor and browser.

Drip Marketing

Nurtures your prospects with Automated personalized email which will convert into clients.

Auto Text And Email Responder

Auto Text responder will allow agents and brokers to enter a custom Text message that will be dynamically sent to any prospect as soon as prospect detail gets created into iMaxCRM.

Synchronize calendar with Google

iMaxCRM integration with Google allows to automatically use Gmail to send email, synchronize any event information with Google Calendar, and export application data directly into Google Docs.

Open House App

iMaxCRM is the first in market with Open House App which is available on App Store and Google Store

Facebook Lead Capture

iMaxCRM will automatically import the Facebook leads. After importing the lead it will send Text and Email notification to agents. This will remove the manually login to Facebook to check if the new leads came.

Video Solution

In-Build Feature of iMaxCRM allows you to record the video and send to the customer.
No additional software to buy

Task Management

Manage all your task and follow-ups. iMaxCRM will send automated email in the morning with all your to-do items.

Automate your response

Send automated email, text to your lead. This help you to focus on business.

Broker and Owner Function

Most advance report and automation for broker to view/manage the team performance.

Manage your Listing and Closing

Manage all your follow-ups for Listing and Closing which will free up time for other activities

Document Management

iMaxCRM lets you keep all of your important documents in the cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere and any device.

Manage Showing

When you have multiple house listed, managing your showing becomes challenging. iMaxCRM manage all the showing activity, whether it's open house, in person.

Real Estate Referral Management

Real Estate Referral Management makes it easy for the Agent to refer the lead to other agent and keep track of their status.

Manage Your Successful Team

iMaxCRM allows you to distribute the lead manually or automatically based on rules, monitor the performance of the agents and generate the reports.

Click To Call/Dialer

iMaxCRM provide the in-build functionality where you can make call to your lead and incoming call will be automatically routed to correct agent

Synchronize Your Email Response

Your email will be automatically synchronize into iMaxCRM, this will help you to view all communication in one place

Track Email Response

iMaxCRM keep track of the performance of your email with who has opened the email, what link got clicked and any drop-out/unsubscribe.

Reports and Analytics

Track your progress. iMaxCRM gives you reporting and dashboard to visualize all your data.

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IDX Integration


iMaxCRM is the only real estate CRM which has full API integration with IDXBroker system. Allows to pull Vistor Info, Featured Property and One View


iMaxCRM is the only real estate CRM which has full API integration with FlexMLS system. Allows to Add Lead Info, Featured Property and more


iMaxCRM is the only real estate CRM which has full API integration with iHomefinder system. Allows to pull Vistor Info, Featured Property and One View

Other IDX Systems

iMaxCRM can integrate with any IDXSystem with the open API.


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