How CRM helps you save your Business Money

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You might be wondering how a CRM system can be effective in saving money, and you are right to be curious. The right software and platform can be a marketplace to show your listings online, keeping you in contact with leads and enabling your business to run more smoothly. Let Imax show you how simple it can be, bulking your business and bringing up your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the main ways that real estate CRM software can save your business.

Reducing Business Costs

The main way that a CRM helps to reduce business costs is by replacing the need for several different programs that you would have to purchase to be able to perform all the tasks that a web-based CRM takes care for you. Coming from a real estate perspective, this could actually be quite a few programs, which not only can be rather expensive, but also very time consuming and confusing to use. CRM software is a master of consolidation, and works to streamline your day so that you can improve your productivity. You’ve heard the old saying that “time equals money,” and in today’s fast paced environment, this has never been more true.

 An Effective Planning Tool

Maybe you currently use a more manual CRM system, and if so you aren’t alone as many real estate agents are still using paper day planners to map out their week. While pen and paper is an effective tool for some, it doesn’t work for everyone, and it definitely comes with a long list of drawbacks. Statistically speaking, the number one reason pen and paper is not a preferred planning method amongst real estate agents is because it is hard to make updates when plans need to be changed, and things do change often. Also, it is difficult to get a clear snapshot of what the week ages will look like, and most obviously, it is nearly impossible to create helpful reports from the information a day planner holds. This leads to a lot of extra work that can be easily taken care of by a more inclusive method.

 Less Paper and More Custom Reports

The cost of paper over time can really add up. Most people may want to hold on to a note book to jot quick notes, or  plot a quick brainstorming session, but by and large, paper is less desirable in the office place. Being able to run paperless reports through a CRM system is a huge time saver. Not to mention that you can run several different types of reports, download them, send them to who needs them and be done with them. No need to click the “print” button on your computer, or take the printer off to sleep mode. You will be able to create reports in less time than it usually takes to print them out. This alone saves a lot of money and time, time that can be spent doing other productive things.

 Making Logging and Sharing Easier

The more information that you have access to regarding a deal, the easier it will be to do things like answer questions from your client, or plan out your project’s timeline. Being able to log all the important facts and figures in an all-in-one CRM system can easily be the difference between an eight hour workday, and a ten hour workday. If you use a desktop or manual version of a CRM tool, you may have also noticed that it is really difficult to share the information that you have. What happens when a client needs an update in a moment’s notice? Or what if you call in sick and need an associate to cover for you? Being able to share information is important in both situations, and could really save your client from having to worry. Wouldn’t a web-based CRM system that you kept up-to-date be a lifer saver? The answer is, YES!

 Increasing Productivity Increases the Bottom Line

Like most real estate brokers and agents, you probably spend a lot of time sending out emails to your existing clients and your prospective clients as well. A CRM system can even help make this part of your day a lot easier. In the CRM, you can create email templates, send out email blasts, or help you streamline your daily communication. You will also have access to all contact information that you need for a client’s account. This way, you will be able to keep in contact with the most important players that are dealing with your project. All of these things help you to work efficiently and effectively, thus increase your daily productivity.


Imax CRM software is leading the industry in a big way! Get the RIGHT software for your business and see how it booms. Contact us today! Log in and see what our products can do for you.

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