Sharing is Caring – Our CRM Software Will do Just That

Making Sharing Easier

When working with so many different groups such as potential clients, current  buyers, sellers, and even your own team at the office, it is sometimes difficult to have everyone on the same page. Even the most organized person will have a hard time keeping   everyone involved in their deal or project up to speed. This makes the ability to share things like sales notes, contact information, and even a way to view email threads a key element in successfully closing a deal. Not to mention, being able to share this information also make communication both internally and externally more efficient and timely.How many times have a deal fallen through because the agent had a slow response time?  The truth is, it happens frequently but it shouldn’t have to. Using an intelligently designed CRM that was created with real estate agents in mind, keeps you in better touch with your clients.

 Informed Clients are Happy Clients

Imagine being able to manage all of your emails within one CRM system. Now, think about how that ability would not only make communicating with your clients a much easier task, but also more efficient. This is just one of the many facets of a CRM system, and one of the most beneficial. Being able to quickly see all of the emails sent to and from a particular client can help you track issues that have come up, reevaluate expectations with the client, and maintain a solid chain of communication. Having access to historical information could also be of great assistance if one of your associates has to be involved in your project due to needing a sick day, or taking vacation. As you can see, being able to house this data in a safe, easy to access location could really save the day, and your sale.

 Document Management and the Dream of a Paperless Office

Being able to quickly asses a client’s account, see their contact information, and manage their emails is obviously a game changer. However, there is another factor that makes a great real estate CRM solution a really important piece of the puzzle, document management. This means that you be able to store all necessary documents in one easy to access place. If a client needs a document, you can email that document directly from the CRM any time. This is helpful when a client comes back to you a year or two after the sale closed and asks to see something that he signed that they no longer have on file. Being able to pull up any document related to your deal with just a couple of clicks and keystrokes makes managing your accounts much easier.

 Sometimes You Have Too Many Leads

You’ve been rocking your sales goals, and because your clients have been taken care of so well they are sending you referrals. All of a sudden you have too much work and you know that you can’t possibly handle it all by yourself. What will you do with all of these extra leads? Share them with your associates, of course! A real estate focused CRM is designed to allow leads to be shared throughout your team, or your organization. The leads can even be segmented so that only certain agents receives certain types of leads, or leads are sent to particular teams. Whichever way the leads are shared or delegated, a CRM is the perfect tool to use to make sure that incoming work is spread out, and distributed to agents as needed.

 Web Based CRM For the Win

As you can see, adding a web based CRM solution to your business can be a really big factor in successfully closing deals, and keeping your clients satisfied while doing so. By using a web based system all the information that you need is accessible from any location, at any time, right at your fingertips. An all-in-one CRM allows you to manage all aspects of your sales, and communications in one location, instead of having to log into several different systems to view documents, emails, and contact information. Being web based is what allows us to be able to offer all of the features listed above, and then some! With all of the ways to serve you, and your clients more efficiently, a CRM can really become your silent weapon in meet and exceeding your goals.




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