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Lead SMS and Email Response

Integrating Your Real Estate Website with CRM Solutions

As a real estate broker or agent, you probably spend a lot of time promoting new listings, improving your landing pages, or making sure your marketing campaigns are engaging and efficient. All of these tasks can be rather tedious to handle manually. Besides, your time is valuable and could be used to do more important things, instead of tracking all of your emails and inputting massive amounts of data. With Imax CRM software to help you, these tasks can be transformed into simple items that are easily crossed off your ever-growing to-do list. Here are some ways that CRM software can really improve your daily productivity and achieve your goals.

Data Collection at the Snap of Your Fingers

Collecting data is usually somewhat of a daunting chore, but CRM software is here to help fix that. By using CRM to integrate with other systems like your email provider, or your various social media accounts, you will be able to draw client contact information from a variety of sources. This will help to quickly build your client data base and provide you a list of interested people so that you can focus your next email marketing campaign on. You can also create customize email templates and send out emails directly from the CRM system, saving you even more time.

Your Website and CRM

If your website has a place for people to log in, or sign up for emails, you are off to a great start. CRM software can be synced to your website so that any information that your website collects flows effortlessly directly to your CRM database. This can be segmented depending on the information received so that you can view new leads easily, take note of interested clients and even track your emails campaigns to see if they are engaging your clients. Being able to see this information quickly, and easily by using an all-in-one CRM solution saves a lot of time and hassle. Not to mention, it helps to keep you on top of new information as soon as it is received.

 Connecting to Property Listings

Another thing that CRM can do for you is help to keep your active property listings accurate and up to date. Not every system is built to accommodate the many extra needs of real estate agents and brokers, so you definitely need one that can include any of your commercial or residential properties. With the right CRM solution, you can easily link agents to properties, or share links to the properties to interested clients. Instead of having to log in to multiple systems, or having to copy and paste links into emails, you can handle all of this activity right from your CRM dashboard. Not only will this save you a bunch of time, but since it would eliminate the need to have accounts with other data management sites, you can start saving some money too.

Optimizing Data Management

As you know, just one client account can create a large amount of data, and this data can be difficult to manage manually. Being able to easily review, update, and track your client accounts from one CRM dashboard is obviously extremely useful. Not only does it help make your day flow a little easier, it helps you to be able to handle your clients’ inquiries quickly. Also, since the data is housed on a web based system, you will be able to share important updates, or send your client new listing directly from the platform. This will really improve the quality of the transactions that you have with your client, but it is this sort of efficient that helps to convert a new lead to a closed sale. Don’t let a delayed response to a client become the reason that they choose to leave you for a different broker. By having access to all the information, you need to be able to provide great service to your clients. You are more likely to have a wonderful rapport with your clients.

For all of these reasons, and many more, Imax CRM solutions is here to help you make the most of your day and help you achieve your business goals. Create an account, or contact us today to learn more about what Imax can do for you and to your business.

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